Wednesday, December 4, 2019

They Will Be Proud free essay sample

I lived in a small town in Mexico named Tepalcingo. The streets made of small rocks, the roads falling apart much like the houses. Kids would run around playing with old toys and mud. I was that child, my family struggled. We lived in a small house made of tree branches with mud that helped them stay up; and the wet brown mud was our floor, one bed for five people; my parents, my two older sisters and myself. We didn’t have a place to shower, and we used a large bin with a small container to pour water over ourselves and heated water over a handmade fireplace. My dad was never home, he was away working in a factory, while my mom stayed home and took care of us.My sisters and I always waited at the door for my dad to come home he would bring us our favorite yogurt, until one day he didn’t show. We will write a custom essay sample on They Will Be Proud or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page I didn’t know why at the time nor would I understand: I was only 2, but my mom did, so did my sisters. A year later I was on a plane headed to the U.S. The entire time I thought my dad hadabandoned us; he was working hard to get us to a greener, better place. As I grew up, we moved around a lot. Money was tight, by the time I was seven we shared a two bedroom apartment with my uncle and his friend. They had one bedroom, and we had the other. Living in Oregon was different compared to Mexico. Instead of staying at home with my mom and helping around the house, I never saw my mom or dad. My older sister Marlen was like my mother. Every morning for school she’d wake me up, we would eat our cereal half asleep. I would sit on a chair in front of my tv watching music videos, my eyes half shut and my body restless. I need to wake up I can’t miss school. It was rare to have my mom home when Id wake up for school. I was use to it. To see her there one morning it was strange, and I continued with my morning routine. While I was eating my cereal with my sisters, my mom told me she would take me to my bus stop. I had never been so happy I quickly got up and ran to get my backpack. We rushed out the door and made our way to the bus stop, half way there we heard a buzzing sound; it was her manager. All i heard was â€Å"Ill be ready in 5 minutes† she cleaned apartments with other ladies so her getting called randomly was no surprise. My mother kneeled down and kissed me and said sorry. She walked back home, and I walked to my bus stop. The entire bus ride I was quiet. No words no facial expressions just tears slowly making their way down my face. Do my parents hate me? Is that why they never want to be around. Some time went by, and I began to understand everything. My parents didn’t hate me, in fact, they loved me so much they worked hard day in and day out to provide for our family. They might have been exhausted, but they never gave up. By the time I was ten my parents were working two jobs. I saw them both get home late at night. Tired, worn out and stressed, they never knew I saw them this way because as soon as I walked out to hug them, they would smile and pretend they were okay. I’d hug them and kiss them goodnight. I hope they’re okay. They seem so tired please God let them rest.I grew up, and things were getting better. We got our own apartment, and my parents were home more often now, not as stressed but still tired. My parents have worked hard to get our family to where we are now. No, we dont have a lot of money, but we are rich in love. They taught me many valuable lessons I still carry with me to this day. Lessons that I try to use every day, in situations that are deemed suitable. In many of my classes in high school, I have had a rough time understanding what is going on or what I have to do. I sit in class my parents went through so much and got through it I can too. It motivates me to reach out and try something new. Im proud to have parents like mine. I may not live in a huge house and have all these luxuries, but theyve given me what I need if not more, my family under one roof healthy and that to me is priceless. I want to make my parents proud, I challenge myself and will continue to challenge myself to reach my goals to show my parents that their hard work has paid off as well.

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