Saturday, February 8, 2020

Assignment 4 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

4 - Assignment Example eader it is appropriate to take a more specific approach by evaluating one particular leader such as Sir Richard Branson during his tenure as the CEO of the Virgin Group. This evaluation seeks to determine Branson’s contributions to the Virgin Group as its leader. Implementation of effective leadership requires upholding high standards that should be reflected form the leader trickling down to the entire organization. This is in order to establish the organization’s culture that acts as the guidance and driving force (Schein, 2010, p.232). Branson is driven by innovation and creativity values that can be seen from his works. Considering his educational background when he started the company, the success that ensued is a reflection of high levels of innovation and creativity. As such, the group has absorbed these values and can arguably be considered to be among the greatest cultures of the Virgin Groups and a contributor to its success. For example, during Branson’s tenure as CEO the group portrayed great zeal for innovations through creativity such as the project to establish a space travel company to take people to space. This implies that leaders should portray desirable traits since they act as the foundations of the organiz ation’s culture. Additionally, leaders should strive to create a suitable working environment favorable for the entire workforce. This is because suitable working environments guarantee employees’ happiness which is crucial for maximum productivity (Koohang, 2008, p.166). A suitable environment is created through ensuring effective communication and relationships between the leaders and the employees. This allows both all workers including leaders to interact effectively allowing idea exchange. Branson is known as a people’s person who relates with most people and this has also been reflected in his relations with his employees. Considering his position as the founder of the organization, his interactions with employees act as

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