Monday, February 24, 2020

Internet Technology, Marketing, and Security Research Paper

Internet Technology, Marketing, and Security - Research Paper Example In addition, in the past three years the threat of security and privacy attacks has grown significantly. Additionally, the extent and complexity of online security and privacy attacks continue increasing. As a matter of fact, daily amount of online security breaches and attacks increased up to 93 percent from 2009 to 2010. In this scenario, a number of worldwide researches discovered that online security threats are hitting corporate bottom lines because of the overall increase in the cost of data breaches. Above all, many research reports discovered that hacking results in a standard of 262,767 identities uncovered for each data breach event (Schwartz, 2011; Turban, Leidner, McLean, & Wetherbe, 2005). This report addresses the information security related concerns for H4 Corporation. Part 1 Corporate Website For the purpose of analyzing the biggest security and privacy attacks on any web based business, I have chosen the scenario of Betfair business. This report discusses how web ba sed privacy exposure at Betfair affected poker players. This report presents a detailed analysis of such security attacks and breaches at the business website that eventfully led toward the overall business degradation and caused other issues. Security breach Overview In 2010, web based security and privacy attacks against business, governmental, social network websites and users have grown to a greater extent. However, among these security and privacy attacks the most common attack was directing users to a website that can attack the website’s hosts through the malicious code; as a result, such attackers could be able to perform a drive-by download that makes use of some dangerous vulnerability on the clients’ systems and computer to infect it. However, in spite of the cleverness of the crime-ware toolkits employed to infect web based systems, as well as launch similar security and privacy attacks, a lot of social network based security breaches and attacks were compa ratively simple. Moreover, according to Symantec reports, "two-thirds of malicious security attacks based links are found in news feeds using shortened URL just forwarding clients to a malicious business or corporate website† (Schwartz, 2011; Condon, 2010; Whitman & Mattord, 2011). Product Information Betfair has turned into the world’s major betting community. Surrounded by a commitment to innovation and value, in just 10 years Betfair has modernized the traditional betting business. In addition, Betfair is a pioneer of betting business, where clients get together in order to bet at odds required by them or presented by other clients, thus, getting rid of the need for a customary bookmaker. Additionally, Betfair presents a variety of other sports betting services and products, as well as casino games and poker (Betfair1, 2011; Betfair2, 2011). Moreover, Betfair possesses LMAX that has established a business arrangement for online retail economic trading that has develo p from Betfair’s exchange optional technology. LMAX was initially

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