Saturday, August 24, 2019

An Analysis of Marketing Procedures Being Used By Leading Fast Food Literature review

An Analysis of Marketing Procedures Being Used By Leading Fast Food Franchises - Literature review Example sations are highly focused on executing exceptional marketing strategies concerning their diverse range of fast-food products to a large number of global consumers (Christian & Gereffi, 2010). Based in a similar context, Hooley Graham (2008) further observed that the emerging competition among the leading fast-food chain retailers has been a consequence of the extensive marketing activities performed by the global organisations. Moreover, the fast-food retail organisations have also exhibited a trend to incorporate different exceptional marketing strategies by promoting authentic as well as contemporary culinary innovation, cultural tastes, desires as well as demands of the local communities where they operate in the international context (Hooley Graham, 2008). In the similar context, Lichtenberg (2012) has also stated that the global fast-food industry has been playing a crucial role in channelising the effective of internationalisation in various economies, especially, the developi ng economies by accomplishing a rapid expansion in the various international markets. The organisations have also been implementing extensive expansion initiatives allowing franchises in different nations. The franchise units of the leading fast-food brands have been considerably focused on identifying the tastes and preferences of the local consumers executing effective strategies of delivering products to the customer as per their expectations (Lichtenberg, 2012). On the contrary, brands which are observed to be struggling in the global fast-food chain tend to focus extensively on the authentic culinary culture of the local community. These growing brands are also observed to be significantly influenced by the local or regional as well as state-level laws along with the socio-cultural... This essay approves that according to the present day context, the leading fast-food organisations tend to follow the emerging trend of global fast-food markets through executing various complex marketing strategies. The rapid expansion of the business units into different business locations is also a widely used marketing strategy for the global fast-food marketers. With this concern, the globally reputed fast-food chains have been focusing on increasing their business units through franchisees, in particular into different markets which has certainly enabled these brands to achieve larger market share as well as gain competitive advantages in the growing fast-food industry This report makes a conclusion that the demand for fast-food companies has substantially increased in the market segments worldwide where not only children but young people also are observed to decipher their incessantly increasing preferences for fast-food products. It is in this context that the increased demand for fast-food products has intensified the market competition among fast-food companies. In this perspective, fast-food companies are required to adopt enhanced marketing strategies with the objective of improving their performances substantially as well as to acquire a better competitive market position and thus obtain the benefits of sustainable growth. These marketing strategies shall also enable the struggling fast-food franchises in building better brand image within the targeted market segments and therefore obtain competitive benefits over its other existing rivals

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