Friday, August 23, 2019

Pop Art- Andy Warhol Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Pop Art- Andy Warhol - Research Paper Example The essay "Pop Art- Andy Warhol" states the art of Andy Warhol. To understand the concepts and techniques employed in the pop art, this paper will analyze Andy Warhol through the period of his work. This will include the techniques and themes he employed in his work the origin and the implication of the art movement as well as the work of Andy Warhol through analysis of literature and internet sources in the form of annotated bibliography. Pop art originated in Britain much earlier than it did in North America, but their origins were independently motivated. The beginning of pop art in the United States marked the reemergence of the hard-edged composition of art and the use of representational art. The representational nature of art was achieved through pop art by the artists using mundane reality, impersonal, parody and irony to mask the personal symbolism. â€Å"The works of pop artists were at their greatest high in America in 1960’s and the term pop art was introduced in December of 1962 during a Symposium on pop art that was organized by the museum of modern art†. Freeman, asserts that the generation of American pop artists in its prime duration of the 1960’s had to search deeply for dramatic styles that would help in the creation of a demarcation between the art and the well-designed commercial material. The prime period of the pop art was known as the pop art movement that was marked by a new level of fascination with the popular culture that was meant to influence and reflect the post-war society.

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