Monday, August 26, 2019

WIred LAN Versus Wireless Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

WIred LAN Versus Wireless - Assignment Example tter than wireless ones, wireless networks are difficult to set up and troubleshooting is also very difficult, it is much different in the case of wired networks. Wireless networks provide mobility but wired networks can never do so, these were some of the major differences between the two. When it comes to covering a large area, the wired networks are very expensive. The wiring and cabling process is both time consuming and expensive, on the other hand wireless network doesn’t cost as much and it is hassle free. When it comes to speed wired networks offer better speed than wireless ones. This is because the connection is shared under wireless networks but the connection is not shared under wired networks hence the user gets better speed with wired networks. The difference between wired and wireless networks is the most common question asked; it is very easy to answer this one. When communication between two devices takes place without cables, it is called a wireless network, when communication between two devices takes place with cables; it is called a wired network. Wireless networks have made life easier; the communication takes place with the help of radio waves, Bluetooth etc have made life so much easier and uncomplicated. Music can be shared with others with the help of Bluetooth, wireless internet can be accessed which is very convenient and amazing. The mobility and the freedom are two of the biggest advantages of a wireless network. The clutter of wires is completely eliminated by using a wireless network. Ethernet is also known as wired networks, it has been around for quite some time now. The CAT5 cables are used to connect these wired networks, it is quite speedy and secure when compared to a wireless network. The overall cost of a wired network is much cheaper than that of a wireless network. Wireless networks have become popular in homes but in offices it is yet to pick up popularity. Wireless networks are ideal for time saving and relocation,

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