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Brand analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Brand analysis - Essay Example One of the major advantages of Leatherman’s products is the 25-year guarantee (Hoovers). The Argentum, a tool designed by an Argentine silversmith called Adrian Pallarols is manufactured by the company specifically to attract the luxurious community while the younger generation is targeted via the manufacturing of the compact Juice tool. The Company has its principal strength in the duration of the guarantee offered for its products (25 years). Not many organizations offer such a warranty thus making its products the best. The organization provides its customers with sufficient support or back up and awareness of the products they sale hence keeping the customers coming back for more products. The organization has a dedicated staff that adds up to its minimized price offers for their products. In addition, all parts of the tools made by the company are replaceable (SHOT). In respect to the Company’s weaknesses, it manufactures customized tools (SHOT). These tools demand increased payment as compared to normal products hence their low production due to inability to stabilize/moderate the prices of the same. The large range of tools produced by the company accompanied by a list of styles in which to fold pocket tools and the long warranty offered by the company provides the organization with a huge opportunity of capturing or reaching a larger market (Davis). Furthermore, Davis believes that the use of websites for presentation of company products presents an opportunity to expand their market share due to the augmenting use of the internet. Manufacturing of the compact Juice tool for the younger generation as well as the Argentum for the rich/luxury creates room for increased sales thus more profit. Leatherman Tool Group, Inc. is not the only company in the industry; hence, stiff competition from companies like Victorinox Swiss Army, Inc poses a huge threat to the company. Another threat is infringement especially incases of retaliatory damages inv olving the use of these products (Davis). One of the competitors is Victorinox Swiss Army, Inc. Just until 2007, the company was called Swiss Army Brands boasting a monopoly in the marketing of the Victorinox Swiss Army knife in the Caribbean, USA and Canada (Hoovers). In addition, the company distributes Victorinox wear for men, consumer and professional Victorinox Cutlery, Swiss Air Force watches as well as products of Swiss Army Brand like writing materials, watches and sunglasses. The company runs a flagship retail store in SoHo district of New York City as well as distributing these products in retail and wholesale prices. The other is Wenger North America or simply Wenger N.A. distributes Swiss Army knives, footwear, watches, luggage, business accoutrements, and outdoor gear to the US and the Caribbean. Hoovers affirms that the Swiss Army knives distributed by Wenger N.A. are not associated in any way with Victorinox Swiss Army knives. The company provides these products on th eir website but at a discounted rate as well as providing customers with videos and manuals as guidelines to the use of their products. Most of these products are sold in chains and a host of specialty sports retailers (Hoovers). Buck Knives Inc. as the third largest competitor boasts skills that comprise four generations in the knife-making business. The company manufactures hunting, pocket and

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