Friday, October 4, 2019

Social Institutions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Social Institutions - Assignment Example For instance, in a family, the father has to work for the needs of the family, the mother takes care of the house, provides love and care to the other members of the family, and children has to do their role to attend school to meet their goal and to abide by their parent’s rules. Functionalist perspective looks at family as having its members with roles to play in order to for the institution to survive. In times of disruption within the family, members have to adjust to go back to its equilibrium. For example, if large families were desired many years ago, today it is considered a threat to the society. To maintain equilibrium, the government provided birth control thus the family has to adjust to the changes. This perspective necessitates the function of each member not only for the family but to contribute to the survival of the society as a whole. However, Functionalist theory is being criticized for its idealistic point of view of the social Institutions. It ignores the fact that conflict or problems may arise as they are inherent part of the society. In addition, this perspective encourages inequalities because it is conservative in nature.

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