Thursday, October 10, 2019

College Student Should Join Clubs Essay

Students of any university or community college attend school in pursuit of an education and career. Most of the time spent by college students is aimed towards studying, doing homework, and any other activity that will assist their education. What many college students are unaware of though, is by affiliating themselves with clubs and organizations, efforts to their education, social networking, and community can all be accomplished. Joining a club has the ability to enrich any student’s college experience and should be taken into consideration by all college students. Clubs give students opportunities to meet other students and individuals who share the same interests. Not only will they benefit in gaining a friend, they will have the opportunity to meet peers with similar majors and classes. Taking into consideration that incoming freshmen may need an extra boost; clubs will be able to provide the needed attention and information with guidance from the seniority. For example, freshmen can benefit in joining clubs by receiving guidance from other students on what classes or which professors to take. New freshmen tend to enroll into college as an undeclared major and sometimes may require assistance in the selection of classes. College organizations can play as a major factor in helping college students and should not be ignored. According to Jeff Milam, the eHow Contributor, not only will joining a club help â€Å"encourage you to form relationships with your peers, it may also lead to important business contacts in the future† (Milam). All college clubs must have at least one advisor that assists and overlooks the club. By being in a club, students will have the opportunity to meet and communicate with college staffs and instructors. In most scenarios, the advisor of a college club is an administrator of the campus. Thus, straight-forward information can always be received from a club advisor because of his or her credibility. By taking part in college clubs, an individual will also gain a chance at observing specialists in their career fields. Being in a club may even be life changing to college students. There will always be some bashful individuals who are simply too shy to ever socialize. By joining a club, it will provide a gateway to overcoming this personal problem. Whenever a student comes upon an interesting club, it is most notably because that individual has something in common with the club and its members. Students are more comfortable being around people who share the same interests or have particular things in common. In result, this can be the start of getting students out of their comfort zone and leading them to socialize more often. College clubs and organizations should be a part of college students because of the opportunity to establishing a student’s social skills. Most importantly to some students, joining a club is an escape from stress. Sometimes school can be stressful on individuals, or students may have other issues that require relief. School organizations are most certainly not always about accomplishing specific goals; school clubs can be a stress relief to those who may need an escape from reality once in a while. By taking action in a club, a student will be able to achieve great feats and at the same time, have some fun. According to Heidi Coghlan, former guide, by participating in clubs, it can help individuals in â€Å"developing independence† (Coghlan). It helps students stand on their own and make their own decisions. Many school clubs are run for students and operated by students. By being a member, it increases the chance of a student being able to speak out for his or her ideas. This can contribute to a student’s future with leadership skills, communication, and to being a responsible individual. Affiliation with college clubs can also motivate students to do more for the campus or to argue for a cause. The opportunity of becoming a club member should not be missed because it can assist an individual in becoming well-rounded and an open-minded thinker. Many clubs take trips to visit other college campuses. This gives students a chance to explore how other schools function and how other campuses compare. Especially for the students who are planning to continue their education for a great period of time. Joining a college club is great opportunity in meeting other peers from school and establishing social networks. With the affiliation in a club or organization, campus visiting trips can be issued and beneficial to students. Most clubs do volunteer work and this is a good start to building a bond with the community. Students get to experience being in an environment where they can learn and yet have fun at the same time when they are involved with club activities. Joining a club really does make a difference in the world; and by having more students join in, the more impact it will have in establishing better community affiliation. As all students are striving for a professional career in the world, it should be taken into consideration that community involvement cannot be ignored. Thus, with college clubs, an individual can give back to the community. College clubs and organizations are all unnecessary in the pursuit of an education, but can be a factor in developing a well-rounded thinking and professional individual. Clubs provide all that may be necessary to a student. For example, a club provides a variety of peers, educators, and numerous other resources for students. Attending college can be hard on freshmen and anyone who is unaware of opportunities on and off campus. In conclusion, with the aid of school clubs, freshmen and anyone else will receive the chance to utilize any necessary information. School organizations and clubs should not be ignored and every student should instill some effort into a club because of the extraordinary investment it yields. Works Cited Coghlan, Heidi. â€Å"Reasons for Your Child to Join a Club.† Kids’ Clubs — Learn About Clubs, Organizations and After School Activities for Kids. The New York Times Company, 2011. Web. 19 Sept. 2011. Milam, Jeff. â€Å"Reasons College Students Should Join a Club |† EHow | How to Videos, Articles & More – Trusted Advice for the Curious Life | Demand Media, Inc, 1999. Web. 19 Sept. 2011.

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