Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Development and Implementation of Direct and Internet Marketing Essay

Development and Implementation of Direct and Internet Marketing Strategy in Nokia - Essay Example Similarly, many companies have embraced the use of direct marketing to lure customers into buying and remaining loyal to the company’s products. Direct marketing strategy is adopted to ensure the success of the marketing campaign. It involves companies approaching the consumers with their products and survives with the aim of meeting their goals by influencing an action through buying, ordering, requesting more information as well as visiting the company website (Roberts, 1999:18). Internet marketing strategy involves the use of internet to attract people or to give more information about the company’s products through directing them to the company website, increasing customers to the organization as well as branding the organization with its products (Clarke, 2005:172). Over the past years, Nokia has been on the leading end in the development and implementation of direct and internet marketing strategy which has promoted its growth in terms of product penetration and a cquisition of the market share. Similarly, this marketing strategy and ensured the company grows its revenue as it keeps on launching new products to counter its competitors. This research paper will outline how Nokia develops and implements direct and internet marketing strategy as it gives the achievements and limitations of this marketing strategy. ... Since its establishment, the company has been on steady growth as it operates in more than 120 nations across the world with employees above 100,000. Nokia has annual revenues of 30 billion euro which has placed it second mobile phone maker after Samsung as at 2012. The company commands the mobile phone industry with its current share marked at 23%. Despite the steady growth that the company has enjoyed over the years, its market share has not remained stable from last year due to developments and entry of smart phones by other agencies. The introduction of iPhone which runs Google android operating system has systematically contributed to the declining market share of the corporation. However, the company is working on strategy to ensure it counterattack the new agencies by partnering with Microsoft to ensure all Nokia smart phones are incorporated with Microsoft window as their operating system. Besides this, Nokia has elaborated ways of capturing certain markets as it develops pro ducts which meets the demands of certain age group of the society (Mangan, 2012). Their marketing strategy is very essential in ensuring they reap from the untapped markets both online and direct. Frameworks and Approaches to Direct and Internet Marketing Nokia has been on the forefront towards direct and internet marketing since competition in the mobile telecommunication industry is flooded with the entries of new products as well as new agencies. This has pushed the company to venture into direct marketing at ensuring they meet their target population as well as consumers towards realizing the existence of the company products and services. Nokia have embraced the use of direct marketing

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