Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Waste en P3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Waste en P3 - Essay Example To get the percentage amount of time used to produce the waste, it is calculated by dividing the amount of time not spent on anything by the total amount of time available all day: (Robbins 2005). To get the amount of time spent in value addition, we get the total time the student used actively doing something from the time he wakes up to the time he prepares for bed. The total time used actively is 210 minutes, while the total available time is 960 minutes. The percentage is therefore calculated by dividing the amount of time spent actively by the total available time: (Robbins 2005). It is quite evident from the calculations that the amount of waste produced is higher than the amount of value added. It is therefore important for the student to reduce the amount of waste produced; he should engage himself in some active activities such as football, cycling, reading or some exercise that will keep him fit physically and mentally active. This will increase his value addition (Robbins

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