Monday, September 30, 2019

A place you would love to return to again

I would love to go back to Mumbai in India, if I ever get a chance. Mumbai is one of the metropolitan cities of India. It is famous for its warm people, moderate climate, Elephanta Caves and beaches like Chawpatti, Juhu and Marine drive.It is the capital of the state of Maharashtra. Seven islands whose names are Colaba, Mahim, Parel, Mazagaon, Old Woman's Island, Wadala, and Matunga-Sion join together to form Mumbai. It is a city which is close to the Arabian Sea. It is also called Bollywood city, where most of the actors and actresses of the Hindi film industry live. I would love to return to this place because I have spent a memorable childhood in this city.Mumbai is very close to my heart. I got an opportunity to visit this place when I was studying in school. The place looked very beautiful in the eyes of a 9 yr old girl. We lived far from the city centre. There were mountains at the backdrop and when it rained, I could see the waterfalls from the window of my house.There were co conut tree all around which also added to the beauty. There was also a playing ground nearby where I played with other kids of my age. The place looked attractive to me because it was totally different from the place where we lived before we came here. In Mumbai I loved the open space it provided and of course the mountains.I have lovely childhood memories of Mumbai. I spend my school days in this city. I think this is one of the reasons that I love this place so much. I made many friends in this place. My best was a girl from Mumbai.I knew her from my school days; she studied with me in the same school. We remained friends for many years, even after I returned to Kolkata, my native place. I met girls and boys of different culture and background and had the opportunity to enjoy many parties, picnics and trips together.I still remember some activities that my family and I did in Mumbai, which was never possible in Kolkata as my father became very busy with his work. On holidays and s ummer vacations, we visited many places like the zoo, the Gate of India, Ajanta Ellora caves and Elephanta Caves.We also visited a nearby hill station called Bahabaleshwar and Goa, an exquisite place near Mumbai. I remember that most of the days after dinner we use to go for a walk. On the way there were many ice-cream stalls and my father always bought ice-creams for us. I also enjoyed different Indian festivals like Diwali, Durga Puja, Holi and Ganesh Puja.As a Bengali, we were away from home but the place felt like home to us because there were Bengali associations and our main festival, Durga Puja was celebrated in a grand way. Puja brought joy for me because I got new clothes and sweets.My mother always insisted that I and my sister participate in cultural functions. It was a good experience. I doubt that I was a good performer but I always receive loads of applauses from the audience. I grew up and because of my studies; I did not have enough time to participate in such cultur al activities anymore after we returned to our native land.  I know that Mumbai has grown a lot as a city in the past few years but I remember the place as I have seen seventeen year ago. I can still visualize my house, the playground, the mountains and the bright springs.Sometimes I fear that if I ever return to the city, I won’t be able to recognize and accept the changes that have taken place. Moreover my friends and other people whom I have known, most of them have moved elsewhere or have changed with time. However I still wish to go back and visit the place where I have spend my childhood days. It would give me immense pleasure to re-live my childhood again.Work Citation:â€Å"Mumbai Travel Guide†. 8 November 2007.>   

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