Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Setting a Grade Goal

Most of us could use some improvement on our test grades. The way that we are studying right now might not be the best way if our grades are not what they should be. Set a grade goal and if it is not met, cut down on non-school activities and learn how to study. Taking notes, organizing, and managing time are the keys to succeeding toward making the grades. Follow these simple tips on how to study to lead toward rewarding grades. The first tip is learning how to take proper class notes. There are several reasons to take notes that are as complete as possible. It forces us to pay attention to what is going on in class, it will keep us awake, and there will be less to remember. The key idea of taking good notes in class is to write down as much as possible. Taking complete notes will require quick writing and the use of abbreviations. Most everyone sends text messages on our cell phones. The same abbreviations can be used when taking notes in class. The next tip is organizing and using the notes. The notes taken in class must then be neatly re-written so they can be legible. Outlines are most helpful to organize almost any material. For any subject, a set of flash cards is helpful. Highlight important or interesting passages, but be careful not to highlight everything. Reading the text and reciting it aloud is a way to retain the information. Finally, managing time is an important step toward the study process. Study the hard subjects first since that is when we are the most alert and energetic. Leave the easier or more fun subjects for later. Study in a quiet place with as few distractions as possible. If it is too quiet, music or TV should be used at a low volume. A small study group can be helpful and fun. Making rhymes or songs is another way to remember. It is important to spend adequate time to study the material. The more time spent on the material, the more it will be remembered for the time of testing. Remember to organize and take proper class notes. Always carry around flashcards in case there are an extra couple of minutes to go through them. Do all other activities before studying and turn off the distractions. Do not wait until the last minute; start studying early and as often as possible. Never cram the night before or the morning of a test. Paying attention and practicing good note taking, organizing the material, and time managing will ensure a positive outcome. The study habits we put to practice will generate to the grades we earn.

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