Friday, September 13, 2019

Chrysler's History Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Chrysler's History - Research Paper Example According to Schein (2004) it is difficult to merge two companies of different cultures, but this difficulty is further enhanced when the companies to be merged come from diverse cultures as well as unlike geographical regions. History of Chrysler Chrysler Company is an American automobile organization that was founded in 1925. This is a point in time when Walter Chrysler decided to establish his namesake automobile company with foundation values of distinction in engineering and novelty. This company has its headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan, with thirty three manufacturing facilities in four different countries that have employed workers exceeding fifty two thousand. The core values that were established by the founder have done a great deal of task in stirring the company towards the creation of firsts in both extraordinary numbers of sectors as well as innovations in engineering (Mueller, 2006). These core values have, in part, functioned to transform the motor industry to t he current status. ... This is because his arrival at the company was delayed, for his skills were minimal for a company that was ailing from troubled operations. After the collapse of the company in 1923, Chrysler took over as the president, and launched the first vehicle ever after his name Chrysler Six B-70 (Yanik, 1995). This car was a cheap, and six cylinders automobile that could reach up to speed of 70mph. Later own, this car was to help in the establishment of the strength of Chrysler Brand in engineering. Given the fact that the company was no more in 1924, Chrysler resorted into launching of Chrysler Automobile Corporation in 1925 after the manufacture of his first automobile (Mueller, 2006). The assets of Maxwell Motor Corporation were, thus, absorbed into the new company, and this signaled the start of the long journey of Chrysler Corporation. The kind of cars sold Before the adoption of this company by Chrysler, the cars that used to be manufactured were known as 30 Touring, 30 Coupe and 30 Ro adster both of which were very expensive cars of the timed. These were known as Chalmers cars, and without forgetting other brands such as Black, Brush Runabout, and Western’s Gale Model (Yanik, 1995). These cars had a wheel base of 115 inches with big wheels measuring to approximately 34 inches. However, Chryslers first brand Six B-70 was a six cylinder car that had been designed for customers such that they were affordable, and exhibited an advanced level of engineering. This original Chrysler that was launched in 1924 was characterized by a carburetor air filter as well as an oil filter, an engine that was highly compressed, and a full pressure engine (Adler, 2000). Chrysler Brands Sunbeam This is a small mini tailgate vehicle that has

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