Monday, September 9, 2019

Project management (coca-cola) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Project management (coca-cola) - Essay Example We have considerable experience in the area and we have organized for international organizations in the coast. In this proposal, we outline our capability and how we will offer the best service if we get the chance to work with you. We intend to bring all the experience we have accumulated for years in areas such as risk management and project management to make sure that he event will be successful and will run smoothly. We have outlined the lineup of mangers who will be mandated with each areas of the project as a way to deter any mishap. This proposal provides the budget for the event and the various costs that will have to be incurred. As a tradition in PrudentEvent, we always ask the client to provide with at least one in-house employees to act as the project collaborate in order to give our staff an eye into the operations of the fir, we understand that there are numerous things which can go wrong with an international event. ... Our catering experts will make sure that the delegates in the conference will get the food they need, regardless of their culture or religious constraints it diet. We also have a well established travel and transport managers who will be able to manage the arrival of the delegates and their transport fro reach of the day they will stay in London. This team will not rest until the delegates have been sent back to their flights on their way back home. Being an events planner, we understand the importance of entertainment and understand that such an event can never go well without some form of entertainment. In this regard, we have specified a number of ways in which the guests will be entertained. More importantly, we understand the need for communication equipment especially with regard to the fact that an international event like this will need communication equipment which will take care of language translation. We have an already existing team to manage any transport needs with reg ard to the event. PrudentEvent is a world renowned event organizer that has achieved a number of world-class vents. Our main clients are international NGOs, and we have successfully organized meetings for their officials in a number of cities. Our greatest strength is that we have offices across the global and that makes global coordination easier. We have organized for meetings for large organizations around the world and we intend to use the experience we have achieved to make sure that the event is the success. We deliver success and quality for all our clients. 2 Conditions of the contract 1 Description of the nature of contract Planning the event with regard to the coordination of how the attendees will arrive and leave at the scene of the conference. †¢ This

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