Friday, September 27, 2019

How I got interested in Computer Science and why should I be admitted Personal Statement

How I got interested in Computer Science and why should I be admitted to B. Tech. Course in Computer Science, at University of Wisconsin - Personal Statement Example This prompted me to learn more, so I took my first computing course at the age of 6. Overtime my computer literacy evolved from basic Microsoft Office applications to advanced programming. Along with books like Hardy Boys, Robin Cook and Enid Blyton, I bought books that guided me through more complicated but effective use of computers. I studied C++ and HTML, and in no time I was able to perform basic operations using the two. At 16, I was able to create a website for my groups Project Work (Singapore A-Level subject) that taught Hainanese (a declining dialect in Singapore). By this time my older brother was already pursuing his B. Tech. in Computer Sciences and Engineering in I.I.T. Mumbai, and eventually worked for Microsoft Research for a couple of years before setting up his own company. This has further inspired me to pursue my own interest in Computer Science as a career, and consequently became one of the factors why I chose to apply for a B. Tech. course in Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin. At the University of Wisconsin, students are expected to be holistically competent and excellent, and I believe I am fully qualified as one. In the academic field, I have always been adept at analytical and logical reasoning. By the time I finished secondary school, I had completed numerous puzzles, riddles and IQ books. These books were instrumental in making me more logical, which contributed greatly to my winning the prestigious National Talent Search Examination scholarship, the highest scholarship award and best academic recognition given by the Government of India. Furthermore, my fondness for analysis and logic became the reason behind my passion for Math and Physics, and why I was able to perform consistently well in these subjects during my SIA scholarship period at St. Andrews Junior College, Singapore. In sports, I can also say that I

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